Friday, March 22, 2013


Have you heard of geocaching?  There are apps for your phone that you can download that guide you via GPS to locations where other people have left either some sort of treasure or a log for you to sign your name.  It's like a treasure hunt.  We decided to try it as a family and went out a couple of weeks ago.  Grant was very excited to find treasure.  Well, we are notoriously BAD at geocaching.  We can't seem to find anything.  The first attempt ended badly, with a hot, sweaty, complaining boy.  But we liked the idea of geocaching as a way to get the kids excited about being outside and getting some exercise together as a family.  So Nate and I decided that we needed to tweak it a bit.  Nate went to the store and bought some tiny little toys in little plastic containers that we could "find" together.  We'd get out our phone and pretend to be guided to a particular spot then the kids would search around and discover the toys.  Grant LOVED it this time, and the next morning he ran downstairs, fully dressed and begging to go out to find more treasure.
 Kate was the only one brave enough to grab the treasure next to the sprinkler.

 After a bit of treasure hunting, we played at the playground.  Kate wouldn't play because she wanted to hold her "treasures".  

 I finally convinced her that I would hold her treasures so she could play for a few minutes, but she ended up getting stuck on the climbing toy and needed lots of hugs from Daddy.

The mascot for Grant's school (CAVA) is a bear.  They have a stuffed bear called Cava Bear that students get to take home for one week at a time.  They are supposed to take Cava Bear with them to do an activity and take a picture.  Then they write about what they did and present it to the class. This was Grant's contribution.

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