Thursday, April 30, 2009

Huntington Gardens

With Nate busy with classes, it had been a while since we'd gotten out to do something as a family. We decided on Huntington Gardens. Grant was really grumpy that day because we'd had a very busy week, but he came around.

Helping Dad read the map

"It's either this way or that way..."

Grant found a lizard. He was especially excited because Jared and Kegan had shown him lizards the day before.

Me and my little buddy

Grant was more interested in the ants than he was in pretty much anything else.

The fish were pretty exciting. They would swim right up to where you stood.

The boys checking out the ducks

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

1st (and Hopefully Only) Mug Shots

"Granty, Are You All Done?"

My favorite part: "He's crazy!" --Kegan

Shoe Train

I love seeing what his little mind can come up with. Shoes for the train cars, and his little letter carrier turned upside down works great as a conductor's seat. I don't think I would've been that creative.

Box Fun

Grant found this box in the kitchen and knew exactly what those two holes were for. He was quietly waiting for me to find him.

He was very pleased when I did.

Friday, April 24, 2009


Everytime I make something in the kitchen, Grant wants to help. I've learned that he'll eat anything that we make together. He seems to think that whatever we make will taste good. I had him help me grind coffe the other morning, and I couldn't clean up the spilled grounds fast enough to keep him from eating them. Yuck!

Here he's helping me make sugar cookies.

Eating a bit of the dough as he works

The rolling was one of his favorite parts. He didn't even need cookie dough...just a rolling pin.

He got to try out one of his creations while he watched the rest in the oven. Of course, the one in his hand had to kiss the one in the oven.

I think he liked them, don't you?

My Housecleaner

Grant likes to help me clean. He frequently gets the mop out and cleans the floor. If I'm cleaning the counters, he gets his own paper towel and scrubs for me. He found a cloth and started scrubbing the shower. Wow, I hope it lasts! Somehow, I think the allure will wear off all too soon.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Real Bugs!

Grant and I went out this morning to collect some bugs in his bug jar. We found 4 ladybugs, 1 roley-poley, and 1 ant.

He puts the jar right up to his face for the best view.
He's a very kissy boy...he gives lots of love. After looking at the bugs, he had to give them their kisses...through the lid, of course.

My Cute Boys

We went to Burbank for lunch and Grant wanted to climb ALL of the stairs in the parking lot...random. Nate and Grant went to the top and I drove up to pick them up. Grant got a kick out of seeing me down in the level below. Funny how he finds the simplest things so entertaining.