Tuesday, August 26, 2008

A Visit to Gramma's and Grandpa's

Gramma bought Grant a Uniqua balloon. He liked it from afar, but was a little scared of it up-close at first. He finally warmed up to it.

Grant decided to hang out in one of the dogs' beds. Buddy came over to check it out.

Grant found Buddy's monkey and thought it was a great pal until he dropped it and it squeaked. It scared him into tears...he wasn't sure about the monkey after that.

Crazy eyes

Lounge Lizard

Nate set up a little lounge area on the floor for Grant one morning and he knew exactly how to use it. Some things don't need to be taught.

Mirror Buddy

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Fun Times with Dad

Dad's fun...and he's a great cup holder.

Look at all those teeth!

...reading a pirate book together.

Monday, August 11, 2008

So Sleepy

I guess he fell asleep mid-play...

4th of July

Auntie Crystie and Ella tried to lure Grant out of his box. I think he was in there for 20 mintues or so.
Grandpa and Ella

Nate and Grant, right before the pool

Ella and Grant enjoyed the pool. Buddy came out later to stir things up.
Grant is a big Gramma Jean fan.

The flag scared Grant at first, but he got over that quickly. Here's Buddy, showing us his turf.
Grant found Grandpa's cool car simulator and knew just what to do.

This was the first time for Auntie Crystie to meet Grant and for us to meet little Ella. Grant plopped right onto Auntie Crystie's lap. He has that same Exersaucer at home and I think he was a little jealous of someone else sitting in it.

Gramma Jean was a good sport and let him have a drink from her cup.

Grant was still learning how to move over things--steps were a big obstacle. He got his leg out of the pool but had no idea how to get it back in or how to get the other one out.

Gramma was a lot of fun!

Cup Vision

Grant got to bring a cup with him in the car the other day. He thought it was soooo funny to watch his video through the cup. He laughed and squealed the whole car ride. Again I was left to wonder why we ever spend money on toys.

My First Peanut Butter and Jelly

It was all about the jelly, but at least we got a sandwich down.