Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmas Eve

On Christmas Eve, we went outside to play for a while.  Kate chose the cat-ear hat and Grant decided he wanted to wear a toy fruit basket for his hat.

 We let them open a couple of small gifts on Christmas Eve.  One of them was a bubble machine for the bathtub.  But since we were outside, we tested it out.  
 They chased bubbles around for a long time and used an entire bottle of bubbles.  
In the evening, they got to open their new Christmas jammies and watch a Christmas movie before bed.  Do you think they were excited?  :-)

Art Class

Nate did a few art lessons with us one evening.  He always makes it more fun.  This time we were learning about texture using clay.  Grant found a few objects to use in the clay to make different textures and they tried them out togeher.

 Then we were supposed to make an animal from clay showing texture.  Nate made a furry creature, Grant made a scorpion, and I made a cat.

"I Playing Minecraft!!!"

Kate is getting on board the Minecraft craze.  Nate let her play for a few minutes and she was thrilled.

She really felt like she'd arrived and Grant got a chance to show her a few things.

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Sibling Love

Kate wanted to go outside one morning.  She was still in her jammies with her boots on...then found Nate's hat and put it on backwards.  She was so pleased with herself and was excited to show Nate.

The kids had been outside for a while when we spotted them sitting together. Grant had pulled Kate up on his lap and they were sitting outside talking.  Kate had a sippy cup and occasionally she'd hold up the cup to give Grant a drink.
 And then they gave each other a big hug.  Awww...


Grant's school had a gingerbread house competition.  We made a special trip to the candy store to pick out things to use.  Grant was more interested in the "things to try" bag of candy he created at the store than he was in the candy for the gingerbread village.  We had a great time decorating together.

 Kate would get really close to one of the snowmen and say "Hi, Snowman!"  That would make Grant laugh hysterically so of course she did it over and over again until they were both laughing uncontrollably.  
Grant ended up winning the competition!  He was so pleased.  Here he is holding his prize...a decorated gingerbread man cookie.

Playing with Lili

We got to go visit Jill last week.  The older 3 kids were at school so we only got a brief visit with them.  Grant had a great time playing with Lili.  Somehow he convinced her to pull him around the yard in the wagon.  It seemed a little strange to Jill and me the he was the boy, but somehow convinced the girls to do his bidding.

Friday, December 21, 2012

My Personal Shopping Buddy

Kate helped me do some shopping this morning.  One of our stops was Albertsons.  Both kids love to shop there because they have the kid-sized carts.  

Kate is so excited to push the cart, she gets going almost at a's an adventure trying to keep up with her.  But it's worth it seeing how happy she is to get to "help" me.

Creeper Fun

Christmas came a little early for Grant.  Nate got a Minecraft Creeper for him.  He set him outside the back door, looking in the window to surprise Grant.  Grant thought it was great and loves his new Creeper friend. He even brought him along with us to look at Christmas lights.

One More Visit to Disneyland

Our Disneyland passes were expiring last Thursday, so we went one last time.  It was supposed to rain, but turned out being a beautiful day.  The kids had a great time and we loved seeing the Christmas lights.
 On the teacups--one of Grant's favorites

 Trying out the chair in Mickey's house

Time for treats! 

We got to meet one of the Disney fairies (can't remember which one).  I'm not sure what Grant's doing in this picture.  Kate loved this picture and frequently asks to play the "fairy game" on my phone...which is really just looking at this picture.

Saturday, December 8, 2012


The kids were singing a duet while waiting to see the doctor.  For some reason, the blog can't accommodate the width of the video so Grant gets cut off.

More Fashion

"Look, Mommy--did it!  Eyeliner." 
Seriously, I just turned my back for a minute and she'd found a clip to put in her hair and had applied eyeliner.  She's all girl.

Kate on the Slide

Kate is finally starting to enjoy the slide at the park!  I love what the static does to her hair.

Making Dinner Together

 Both kids love to help me cook.
 The first thing Kate ever helped me make was eggs, so now every time we start to make something, she asks, "Making Mom?  Eggs?"  She loves to smell everything (sound familiar Mom and Dad?).
Grant took his turn taking a sniff.  Kate was gently feeling his hair while his head was down. It looks like she's contemplating dunking him. "Hmmm, should I or shouldn't I?  Nah, Mom has evidence."

More Ladybug Pictures

Here are a few pictures from October that didn't make it onto the blog...but I think are so cute.

This one was a few days before Halloween.  Kate insisted on wearing her costume, sans leggings, along with her brother's flip-flops while she washed dishes.  Add to that her "camera" smile and it paints quite an accurate picture of everyday Kate.

First Christmas Movie Night of the Season

Nate was out of town in late November and Grant asked if we could watch the Grinch.  So we made some popcorn and got all snuggled up.

 Awww...a tender moment.  Makes it hard to believe there was any fighting over whose hand was in whose popcorn just minutes later.

Grant's Birthday Party

We had a birthday party for Grant a couple days before his birthday at My Gym.
 He had a great time and loved getting to play with lots of friends.

 This is the best of the group pictures.  It's hard to get everyone looking at the camera at the same time!

 Kate FINALLY got to try the zip-line.  She absolutely loved it.  She was so excited to get to play in the gym and try all the things she's watched Grant do.
 Grant's turn
He was one happy birthday boy

Grant's Birthday