Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Carving Pumpkins

Kate's favorite job lately is "decorating the table."  She sets out the placemats, plates, and silverware.  She's so proud of it.  We end up eating on little people plates some nights, but it's worth it.

 Grant drew the face on his pumpkin.

The carver and his cuties

 I helped a little bit.

 Grant's imitation of his pumpkin's face.  

 Scary faces

The finished products

Sweet Boy

I love that Grant loves flowers.  He wanted a rose, a container, and his picture taken with it. 


We were using clay for one of our art lessons and after we were done Grant wanted to make his own creation.  He made a cute squid.

Smog Check

I had to get a smog check today while Grant was at his class.  This little lady made it a lot more enjoyable.

Family Visit

Jill and the kids came to visit for the day.  There was a lot of this going on:
Those girls love the iPad. 

 We worked on getting rid of extra Halloween candy by baking it into brownies. 

 Nate and the boys talked games.

 Kate got to hang with the beloved Auntie Jill.

This was the quietest part of the day...dinner.

Saturday, November 9, 2013

My Breakfast Dates

Nate was gone for the weekend so the kids and I consoled ourselves with a little breakfast out at IHOP.  

Friday, November 8, 2013

Doctor Kate

I was upstairs one afternoon and Kate ran up and said, "Where's my doctor kit?  I need my doctor kit."  So we looked around and found it and she was back downstairs in a flash.  I peeked over the banister and this is what I saw.  I think the giraffe made it, thanks to Dr. Kate.  She's been watching Doc McStuffins lately and I think that inspired her.

Art Class

The kids are doing an art class together on Monday afternoons.  It's been a lot of fun for them to get to do it together.  The first time they went, Grant kept reaching over and hugging Kate by the neck.  Then when it was time for them to wash their hands, he was sort of elbowing out another girl and when I asked him what he was doing he said, "You told me to watch out for Kate.  I need to make sure she gets a turn."  After the first class, he calmed down a bit and they love it.  

 For their Halloween party, the art class posted the kids' art on the walls.  They were pretty excited to see theirs on the wall.  The top picture is Grant's art and the bottom is Kate's.

Random Day Out

On the way to the park on Thursday, we needed to make a stop at Target.  When we pulled into the parking lot we spotted a cement truck working so we walked over to check it out.  They were pouring cement and smoothing it out while we watched.  

It's a little harder to maneuver the aisles in Target with these cuties hanging off the sides, but it's worth it.

Fire Breathing Dragon

Whenever we get a big box in the mail, Grant snags it and makes it into something.  Usually it's a vehicle of some sort...a truck, a spaceship, or a car.  This time he wanted a dragon.  He was very specific in his directions for how he wanted the wins and tail cut.  Nate cut a nice snout for it and I remembered that we had tissue paper that could be used for fire.  They had a blast riding on the fire-breathing dragon.

Friday, November 1, 2013


We had such a great time Trick or Treating last night!  Kate wanted to be a princess and Grant wanted to be a knight to protect the princess.  They loved every minute of it.  After every single house (no exaggeration) Kate would say, "Can we go to another Trick or Treat place?"  When we responded yes she'd have a Yippee!  or a Woo Hoo!  and "I love Halloween!"  Grant said it was his favorite Halloween ever and maybe his favorite holiday...then remembered that he really likes Christmas.  He would tell people at the doors random things like "We are trick or treating on your street because our street is so crowded" or "I got so much candy we had to go home and empty our bags."  Such a fun night.
 Kate helping Daddy get his shoes on so we could go

 Our knight in shining armor

The pretty princess and her knight

 We dropped off Nate and Kate at home and Grant and I went out for a little longer.  Kate immediately sat down to attack the candy.  She ate the entire time we were gone and then after we got home she ate the entire time Grant did.  Afterwards she said, "My tummy hurts.  I ate too much lunch."  Yeah, it must have been the lunch.