Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Daddy's Girl

Kate and I drove home the other day and found Nate mowing the front yard.  She wanted to get out right then and go to her dad and was quite upset with me that I brought her into the house.  She ran straight to the front door and I let her watch from there.
 She just stood there and cried and tried to catch his attention every time he walked by.  It was very pathetic.

Kate's Purse

I dug out an old purse for Kate to play with.  She was THRILLED.

 She took Nate's finger and started leading him around.  It became clear that she had a specific plan so we just followed to see what it was.
 Around the table in the living room...

 ...hmmm, where is this going?
 Toward the steps... the front door...

 ...Nate opened it and she waved goodbye.  Apparently, the lack of accessories was the only thing holding her back from the world.  
Turning on her morning sweetness, trying to convince Nate to stay home--I wish it worked!


On our vacation last year, we got passes for Legoland.  They more than paid for themselves, but we hadn't gotten to use them since Kate arrived.  In February we made the trek back down to San Diego.

 Kate's 1st trip to Legoland!

 "Look, Dad--it's France!"

 Grant got to "go fishing"...
 ...and earned a turtle toy.

 Grant and I did the big slide together.  He had a look of pure terror as he slid down, but decided it was lots of fun.

 Mining for gold and jewels

 Nate and Grant built a series of airplanes together.

 Kate finally gave in and fell asleep.  

 Grant built his own Eiffel Tower

 We found a really nice boy in the building area who offered to build a house around Grant.
 It was really cool and Grant thought it was the BEST!
 Our little knight on his way out of the park
It was such a beautiful day and a great reminder of why we love Legoland!

A Visit from Grandma and Papa

Grandma and Papa Jordan came to visit in February.  There was a lot going on, so I didn't get a lot of pictures.  
 Uncle Ed showed Kate lots of fun things on his phone.

 Beautiful Kegan...she's growing up so fast!  I can really see Jill in this picture.

Grandma showing Grant and Kate how to use the toy

 We were so happy to have Grandma and Papa visit our new house.  We wish we could see them all the time!

Friday, April 20, 2012

The Pool

We're so thankful to have a backyard now so the kids can play in the water on hot days.  I picked up a pool a couple of weeks ago and they were SO excited.
 Watching the pool fill up for the first time

 Kate did NOT like sitting in the water, but liked standing or sitting outside of it to play.  

 "Mom, I LOVE water!"  

We got the scrunchy nose smile...that's when you can tell she's really happy.  :-)

More Sibling Love

Here's what snack time looks like at our house:
 "Mom, I want to sit RIGHT NEXT to Kate Kate."


 More giggles
 And more kisses

 Cheesy grins
And it all ends with lots of laughing.  I'm amazed they get any eating or drinking in.

Dyeing Easter Eggs

 Kate got to "dye" the white one.  (Shhh...don't spill the beans.)

 After we were done dyeing the eggs, we took the colored vinegar and put drops of it into pans of baking soda.  It bubbled and fizzed and was quite entertaining.
 And then someone had the "great idea" to pour in the whole cup of vinegar and we had a colorful explosion and flood.