Friday, July 27, 2012

Adoption Day!

Today we went to court to finalize Kate's adoption!  We headed to the courthouse early this morning.
 Waiting for the courtroom to open

Kate sharing one of her signature cheesy smiles 

It's final!  We were happy to get the same judge who presided over Grant's adoption 4 years ago.  She told us that this should be her last adoption since they are moving adoptions to another courthouse.  She was very kind and included Grant in the proceedings.  They ask the parents if we agree to the adoption and after we said yes she asked Grant as well.  He was very pleased to be included.  We are so happy to have this last major step behind us and just continue to enjoy our sweet little girl.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Backyard Silliness

Gotcha Day!

We celebrated Grant's 5th Gotcha Day in May and had a Minecraft creeper cake.  He was quite pleased.

 He wanted to get up early to open his gifts...Lego monster trucks
 Daddy and his monkeys
 Grant chose his favorite restaurant for lunch--Stonefire

 The afternoon wouldn't be complete without some Minecraft fun with Dad.
I found these little footprints all over the kitchen and it reminded me of how thankful I am for those little feet. Gotcha Day is always such a fun time reflecting on our little blessings.


Granty and Papa...great pals

Kate is 2!!!

 The happy birthday girl
 Kisses from Grant and Daddy

 Bigfoot, the bearer of the gifts

She was very excited about the sprinkler from Gramma Jean 

 Grant loved Kate's new baby...Kate took much longer to warm up to the baby
 Thank you, Gramma and Papa with a beard for the Minecraft loot!  Grant fell asleep clutching his treasures.  (It looks like Kate's Hello Kitty backpack felt the wrath of his new weapons.)

Monday, July 9, 2012

Sharing Cereal

Nate gave the kids some cereal to share--I think we ended up with more cereal on the table and floor than in the bowl by the end, but they had a good time.

New Sunglasses