Saturday, April 23, 2011

First Hot Day of the Year

We had our first hot day of the year a couple of weeks ago. Grant and I walked to Bridgeport with Lola and the girls to have lunch and feed the birds. Grant and Emma had such a great time splashing in the fountain after we ate. I don't think we actually fed any ducks that day, but we found some baby turtles that were a huge hit. I love this picture of little Bella. That's the look she always gives me. She likes me okay, only if I keep my distance so she gives me cute little warning looks if I get too close!

Disneyland with Papa

Papa with a Beard came to Disneyland with us a few weeks ago. We had such a great day! He got Grant to go on a few rides he was never willing to try before. Now his two favorites are the Monorail and Casey Jones, both of which terrified him before. We can't wait for our next adventure with Papa!

More Snails

So, Grant's still really into snails. He laid out his snail shell collection for me and said, "These are the ones I found with my Grandma." One even made it as the pilot of his plane toy. Funny how something so simple can be the source of endless hours of enjoyment. Yet another reason we don't buy a lot of toys--nature has the best toys!

Day at the Zoo

We got to go to the zoo with Lola, Emma, and Bella this last week. We didn't see a whole lot of animals, but Grant and Emma had a great time together!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Snapshots of a Day #3

I forgot about my Snapshots day till I saw Crystie's! Better late than never.

8:30 Starting to hatch the dinosaur egg Gramma & Papa with a beard and Gramma Jean sent
9:30 Going for a walk with Jack
10:30 What's cuter that a boy watching for the garbage truck? TWO boys watching for the garbage truck!
11:30 Lunch, drive-through style
12:30 (Oops, busy at Target and forgot to take a picture)
1:30 Shopping at Albertson's with my little helper
2:30 Taking a little break and seeing what Rachael Ray is making for dinner tonight
3:30 Steaming shirts
4:30 Talking to Lola on the phone...I haven't mastered self-portraits
5:30 Dinner prep
6:30 Watching a few minutes of the Upside Down show with Grant while dinner cooks
7:30 Crazy car rides with Daddy