Saturday, July 30, 2011


Another fun day with our new little girl! Things we've learned about Kaylan: She doesn't like baths, she will eat anything...and a LOT of it, she loves to be held and snuggled, and she's the most even-tempered and sweet baby ever!

Friday, July 29, 2011

First Day Out

Last night went so smoothly--Kate slept straight through the night and we got some good rest. She has to be the most laid back, cheerful baby ever. I think she'd get along great with her cousin Emma, who also seems to always be cheerful. :-) We went out today for the first time as a family of 4 and had such a fun day. Kate loves Stonefire as much as her brother does and loved watching him play at his gym class. She loves to blow raspberries and thinks it super funny when you blow them. We've having such fun with her already!

Kaylan is Here!

Kate is finally here! After 2 1/2 long weeks of ups and downs, we were sure the Lord had closed the door for us to get this precious girl. I got a call yesterday afternoon that the family had again changed their minds and wanted to give up the baby. They set up a time of 4:00 for the social workers to come and get her. We tried not to get our hopes up, but waited for more information. Even today as I handed the car seat over to Ann, there were serious doubts. But Ann called at 4:30 to say that they had the baby in the back seat and were headed to our house! She and another social worker brought Kaylan to us at around 9:30pm and we couldn't be more excited! Ann has been the most amazing social worker, working tirelessly to get this resolved and sacrificing a lot of her time, energy, and emotions on this particular case. The Lord gave us the perfect person to be our advocate!

Grant LOVES Kate and she responds to him a lot. Ann said that Kate was happy and content the entire trip from San Diego, except when putting her into and out of the car seat. We've enjoyed a wonderful, quiet evening starting to get to know her and snuggling with her. She spent a long time resting on Nate--it seems like they have a quick bond. We got a little smile from her when we played peek-a-boo with her and even a little laugh. I know it will take a while for her to adjust, but so far she's doing amazingly well. She went to bed without a peep and fell asleep pretty quickly. Thank you for all your prayers! We are so thankful for our precious gift!