Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Saying Grace for the 1st Time

We've never been able to get Grant to say grace. He will repeat what we say, but he's never come up with anything on his own. Today I asked him to pray for our food and this is what he said:

"Jesus love me! And GLORY! (with his arms raised) Thank you for food. And I love you. I eat now. Pasta. And plates. And bowls. You not sad. You happy. And Jesus love me. Amen."

It was so sweet to peek at him with his eyes tightly shut and saying whatever was coming to his mind. And I'm not sure where "GLORY!" came from...maybe that's how they do it in Sunday School.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Snapshots of a Day, #3

Today we went down to visit my Mom who has been staying at Jill's house for the last couple of weeks. It was our last of 4 visits with her on this trip. We had a great time visiting and can't wait to see her again soon!

9:30 Driving on the 405 to visit Jill and Mom
10:30 Finally there!
11:30 Ready to head out to lunch together
12:30 Grant having a great time with Grandma at lunch
1:30 Playing with Zhu Zhu pets and waiting for Timmy to get home from school
2:30 Grant and Timmy wrestling around--Grant was laughing SO hard
3:30 On our way back home
4:30 Trying to catch up on my email after being gone for 3 days in a row
5:30 Setting Grant up with a computer game so I can figure out dinner
6:30 Proof-reading Nate's paper for his class