Sunday, November 2, 2014


We got to go up to Northern California to see Gramma and Papa with a Beard.  We all went to Oktoberfest together.  It was fun to get to spend time with them!


These Two

Best buddies

Pumpkin Patch Fun

Just Like Kegan

Kate was very pleased to have her hair styled "like Kegan's."

Saturday, March 15, 2014


"I look just like Daddy."

More Fun at the Park

 Is there anything cuter than kids in their rain boots?  

Learning to Write

Kate loves school and is anxious to learn how to write her name.  I saw an idea on Pinterest to write a name on the chalkboard then have the preschooler "write" over it with a wet paintbrush.  She thought it was great and felt very grown up.

Silly Siblings

These two...they are the best of friends.  They came back to the dinner table to finish their smoothies and next thing we knew Kate was sitting on Grant's lap.  They weren't making a big deal out of's just naturally how they are with each other.  I love to see how much they love each other.

Windows Down

 The a/c in my car died so we had to start rolling the windows down. Fortunately, Grant is finally okay with the wind blowing on him.  He actually loves it now.  I remember doing that as a kid and loving the feeling of the wind blowing on my face.  It's fun to see him enjoying it, too.


Nate caught Grant reading to Kate about creepy crawlies.

 Kate shopping with Mom at the mall.  She loves to shop.

These two are so darn cute.

 Another late night chat with Kate--she loves her daddy so much.  She holds his face so she can look into his eyes when she's talking to him.

At Target with Mommy while Grant was in his class--both kids love to try out all of the outdoor furniture whenever we see it in the stores.


The kids could not wait to plant seeds.  We got a little planter and let them each pick out 3 types of seeds.  Most were flowers--and then there were brussels sprouts.  We had recently done a science experiment with seeds and they were thrilled to get to plant more.

Grant's Poster

All the kids in Grant's Tuesday class got to fill out a poster about themselves.  Here is Grant's.  If you click on the picture, you can see what he wrote.

America's Newest Citizen!

Kate is finally an official US citizen!  The whole family went down for her swearing in ceremony.  Since she is under 14, she didn't have to recite the oath.  She really had no clue about what was going on, but we told her she was going to get her own flag so she was very excited about that.

She and I went in to sign the paperwork and she kept asking, "Is he going to give me the flag now?  Do you see those flags on his desk?  Is one of those for me?  When do I get my flag?"  I don't think any new citizen has ever been more excited about the 5-cent flag.

Kegan's Biggest Little Fan

Kate insisted on having a side ponytail.  She said "Mommy, I look just like Kegan!"

 Then a couple of days later she was painting her fingernails and toenails and said, "Do I look like Kegan when I paint my nails?  Kegan paints her nails all by herself, too!"

Playing at the Park

 Kate, picking out her snacks for the park.  At least half of the allure of the park for her is eating snacks there.  

 We've had so many beautiful days lately! 

 Kate finally got onto the swing.  In the past, she might let me put her in the baby swing, but if she moved at all she would SCREAM.  This time she sat in the big kid swing and let me move her slightly. 

 She only moved slightly--but she kept looking over her shoulder and warning me "Stand back!  You don't want to get knocked over!"  There wasn't any chance of that...but I obliged her anyway.

 Grant, Malachi, and Shayla digging--the boys dug the entire 2 1/2 hours we were there.

All that fresh air and digging wore this guy out!  Kate was exhausted, too--it's the only time I told her it was time for a nap and she said, "I'm too tired to go upstairs!"