Saturday, January 26, 2013

Travel Town with Jill and the Kids

Jill and the kids met up with us over Christmas break at Travel Town.
 Timmy and Grant on one of the trains

 Jared watched out for Grant and Lili as they checked things out.

We took a little train ride around the park. 

Somehow, Grant and Kate got free rides.  Grant LOVES his cousins and Kate thinks Auntie Jill is just about the best thing ever. 

Grant helped me by pushing Kate in the stroller.  She doesn't generally like it when Grant "helps" her so I think she's barking directions at him in this picture. 

Some of my all time favorite girls! 

Later in the afternoon, Jill, Kegan, Lili, and I went shopping.  Lili and I got to hang out while Jill and Kegan tried on clothes.  Lili kept saying, "Joy Joy my friend."  Awwww.

Bathing Beauty

I went to Target on January 1st and was appalled to see that they had all of their bathing suits out.  Seriously?  But apparently I wasn't too appalled to buy one for Kate.  I had her try it on and she started modeling for me.  

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Hi, Sweet Boy!

Grant and Kate have been wanting to sit right next to each other for snacks and meals lately.  Tonight at dinner, Kate kept taking Grant by the face and saying, "Hi, sweet boy."  We caught a few minutes of their interaction.  (The video is shrunk on my computer so you can see the full size one here: