Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Singing A-LOUD to the Lord

During our Bible time today, I read "Sing aloud to God our strength; shout for joy to the Lord." Grant said, "Jesus likes the ABC song" then proceeded to sing his ABCs at an earsplitting volume. I love that he's trying to put the Word into action, even if it isn't in the most conventional way.

A Quick Change

I ordered this pirate ship wall vinyl a couple of years ago for Grant's room. He's much more into space than he was into pirates, so I recently got a space bedding set on clearance and changed things up. Then, with my new cutting machine I was able to replace the pirate ship with a spaceship. Have I mentioned how much I love my Silhouette machine?!?

Friday, February 18, 2011

Random Conversations

Me: Do you know who the President is?
Grant: Oh, it's George. George Washington.
(They've been talking about President's Day at school.)

After Grant's rest time, I noticed that he'd changed his clothes.
Me: Did you have an accident?
Grant: No, it was just a little bit wet.
Me: Why was it wet?
Grant: Oh, maybe it was rain...that dropped down...from the sky.
Me: In your room?
Grant: Yes?
Hmmm, somehow I just don't think so. Another day he said, "It's not an accident. Maybe I'm just sweaty." At least at this point it's easy to tell which of his explanations are true and which are made up. I wonder if he'll always think I'm that gullible.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine's Day! We were so excited about it this year. Grant's class at school was celebrating so we got to make valentines for him to hand out. Then I wanted him to have a special shirt to wear so I made him a "Mom" tattoo one...but he really wanted a robot shirt, so that's what he ended up wearing. He was so pleased that it looked like the robot that Gramma and Papa with a beard got him for Christmas. He seemed to have a great time with his Valentines exchange at school and wanted to show me each one he got the moment he left the building.

In his Valentine's basket this morning, Grant got a new caterpillar friend called "Cappie" whom he carried around and talked to all day. The poor caterpillar's eyes are actually rubbing off from getting so much love today. Such a fun day!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Snapshots of a Day #2

So I actually remembered on the 10th to take 10 pictures! Hopefully next month I 'll have more exciting things happening on the 10th. This time, it was a very uneventful day:

9:30 Got a busy morning so I'm starting my exercise late while Grant works on a vocabulary computer game.
10:30 The dragon (Grant) plays in the tub while the princess (Mom) puts on her makeup. (He wants me to pretend to be the princess ALL THE TIME...if you thought Barney's voice was annoying, you should hear the princess.)
11:30 The dragon and the princess go to Walmart to pick up supplies for his preschool class.
12:30 Lunch is ending. I saved the best for last (or so I'm telling myself).
1:30 Sampling at Costco. I found that chewing gum while shopping is my best defense against all the goodies and Grant's happy to get them all to himself.
2:30 Mr. Clean and I took a little spin around the kitchen.
3:30 Deciphering how many points are in those goodies from Costco. 5 pieces for 1 point is acceptable. No, I didn't eat the whole 1/4 cup.
4:30 Planting "pomagranick" and avocado trees and green peppers in Grant's room, then pretending to eat the fruits of our labor. We grow the best pretend produce around.
5:30 Grant and I are fixing dinner together. He commandeered the sweet potatoes and thought they looked like organ pipe cacti. I thought the little hats were a nice touch.
6:30 Daddy's home!!! Grant's new ritual is to bolt for the door as soon as he hears the garage door opening so he can play in Nate's car for a while before dinner. Daddy's a good sport and never complains about all the little fingerprints all over his mirror and dashboard.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Yet Another Space Reference

Grant hates when Nate leaves for work in the morning. There's a lot of, "You never go! I want you to stay here with me!" along with clinging to his leg or trying to drag him by the arm back into the house. This morning he put a new twist on it:

Grant: Where are you going?
Nate: I have to go to work.
Grant: I take work and put it in a black hole...and put it in SPACE! (punctuated by huge arm movements and drama)

Later he said, "I put my class in the black hole, also." We're working on being content even if we don't like the circumstances. It's a tough lesson for me, let alone a 4-year-old. Hopefully we'll learn it together.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Discussion of the Day

On the way to school today, we passed under a bridge where we'd found dead birds several months ago. We discussed death a little and that turned to talk about heaven and hell.

Grant: There's bad guys in hell?
Me: Yes.
Grant: They poke you?

Hmmm...I don't think they poke you, but I'd better brush up on my theology. (I think it was a reference to his recent doctor's visit where they "poked" him...aka gave him shots.) He was quiet for a moment then said, "God is my favorite guy."

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Career Choices

Driving around this evening, Grant and I discussed what he might want to do when he grows up.

Grant: I don't want to be a fireman. It's too dangerous.
Me: How about a policeman?
Grant: No.
Me: Why? Because it's dangerous?
Grant: No, it's not dangerous. They do the jail. There's a lot of crying. Nurse?
Me: You want to be a nurse?
Grant: No, they have needles. I want to be a dentist!

Last week he wanted to be a "cactus guy" so it looks like he's keeping his options open. Later he told me he didn't want to grow up...he wants to stay Grant. I thought that was a great idea.