Friday, October 11, 2013

Lombardi Ranch

Nail Polish

Kate got out her makeup kit and wanted to do her nails.  She did a really good job, especially considering she's only 3.  She even painted her right hand with her left.

 She loved blowing on her fingers to dry the polish.

Even I got a manicure.  I could get used to this!

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Me and My Sweet Girl


Grant has decided he wants to be a scientist when he grows up.  Sometimes he wants to be a paleontologist, sometimes an archaeologist.  He really loves science.  Here he's working on finding the mass of various objects and recording his findings.

 Each blue cube weighed 1 gram.  It really was a fun experiment.
One of the things I've loved about homeschooling is that he can participate in every experiment we do.  After the lesson, he took the balance and tried a whole variety of experiments on his own.

Our Talented Boy

Grant's REALLY good at hanging spoons on his nose.  It's just one of his many talents.


During nap time, Kate got out all kind of toys, put on a princess skirt, and played hard until she just passed out.  This is how I found her.  


"I'm glad I didn't get a brother.  Sisters are much funner."

My View at Lunch Today

The Adventures of Yam

We were working on sight words one morning and Grant's word was "says."  He was very excited to surprise me with a sentence instead of just the word.  His sentence was "Yam says I can't hop."  
 His next word was "with" and he wrote "Yam and Carrot goes with Yam's mom." 
I asked him why Yam couldn't hop and he started laughing and said "Because he's a yam!!"  I should've known.


We were downstairs the other morning and heard the kids giggling.  Nate called upstairs and asked if they wanted to come down.  Grant said, "Not right now--we're snuggling!"  We went up and found them all cuddled up in Kate's bed.

Just Cute

I just think this girl is so cute.


On the way out the door to go to Sam's, Grant and Kate each grabbed their trick-or-treating bag with their phones in them.  The whole way there and during the time in the cart, they talked to each other on their phones.  


Kate got some funny bumps on her arm on Wednesday and by Thursday morning they were huge.  We went to the doctor and he said they were some sort of bug bites.  She kept telling me, "I'm okay, Mom.  I feel better."  She was very cheerful.