Friday, January 17, 2014

Getting So Big

Grant has started to be interested in fixing his own hair lately.  He takes a lot of pride in combing it until it looks how he wants it.  The other night he asked if he could blow dry it and felt so grown up getting to do it.

"Mom--I love my brother!"

When Kate said that I just had to get a picture.  She couldn't stop hugging and kissing Grant while we were at Home Depot.  He's always happy to have a hug break.

1st Day of Preschool Prep

Kate started a preschool prep class as the kids' gym.  She was SOOOO excited to get to go to school and absolutely loved it.  I talked with her teacher after her second class, telling her I wasn't sure how Kate would do since she has had a hard time separating from me in the past.  She told me that not only was she fine, she is the leader of the pack in the class.  I guess she is always the first kid ready to try what they are doing and tells them that she can do it by herself--she doesn't need any help.  Apparently she's ready to be a little more independent!

Hat Fun

We found Kate's hat from a couple of years ago and she was so excited to wear it.  Grant put on one of Nate's hats to join in the fun.