Friday, January 25, 2008

And Off He Goes!

Grant figured out how to walk behind his little push toy and boy was he pleased. We cheered him on and he laughed and walked around for a long time.

Toy Basket?

I bought some baskets to store Grant's toys in. As expected, he thought they were great fun. He spent a long time sitting and standing in the baskets, then brought over some toys to put in them. I think for Grant, the happiest place on earth would be The Container Store.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008


Katy came over this morning to play with Grant. They had sort of different ideas of what was fun, but they both loved the cars. When Grant went down for a nap, Katy and I got to read lots of fun stories together.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Playing with Dad

New Discovery

Grant finally noticed that you can pull the tissues out of the Kleenex box. What fun!

Fun Visit

Grandma's going to get you!

Grant loved hanging out with Timmy.

Timmy wanted to play Sorry. For some reason it was always his turn and he ended up winning.

Grant was happy to just chew on the pieces.

A Day at the Park

This was Grant's first time playing in the sand. He wasn't all that impressed. He'd play for a while then try to climb out onto the sidewalk to escape.

Katy shared her bucket and shovel.

...Elizabeth and baby Roth having a little swing

Monday, January 14, 2008


We got to spend Christmas in Colfax with Nate's family. Crystie and Sead couldn't make it because Ella was due any day and Gramma Jean decided to stay home, so we unfortunately didn't get to see them.

Here's Grant opening his first Christmas present.

Wow, he got a lot of new things.

...but of course, he went straight back to the Tupperware lid that Grandma got out for him the day before.


Grant got to spend some quality time with Grandpa.

Nate showed Grant how to play with Buddy.
Before we got there, Grant couldn't get the concept of rolling the ball back and forth. After a few days with Buddy's persistence he had it down pat.

Nate and his dad got lots of quality pipe-smoking time.

One of the things Grandma got out for Grant to play with was this bowl. We found out that it fit perfectly on his head. Every time we'd put it on him, he'd immediately start crawling quickly out of the room. We decided it was his explorer's hat. Kinda looks like he might break out in a yodel.

Grandma has this cool laser she uses to play with the dogs. Grant thought it was great. As usual, Buddy was right with Grant, waiting to play.

Meeting Buddy, Lucy, and Ruby

Day 1: The first meeting. The dogs were excited to meet Grant--and he thought they were pretty entertaining.

Day 2: Grant wanted to show Buddy his new book Max the Minnow.

Watching Mythbusters

Sacked Out

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Fun with the Family

My parents were in town in November, so we all got together at Jill's house. We got to celebrate Grandma's and Papa's birthdays.

A big smile from Kegan!

...all the boys. Jared was indignant that Timmy sat down on the pillow he had set up specifically for Grant.

Timmy and Grandma reading the birthday card
Papa let Jared and Kegan open his present for him.

Kegan and Grant were fascinated with what Papa was saying.
Soon Timmy had to join the fun.

Jared and Ed had a cool card trick.