Sunday, September 18, 2011

New House

Here are some pictures of the house we're purchasing. I'm so excited to have a backyard so the kids can play. We're praying that everything goes smoothly and we can move within the next month.


Crystie and Sead Demirovic said...

Oh, wow! It's beautiful and looks like it has a lot of space! Can't wait to see pictures of you all living in it! :-)

Mommy Roth said...

It is so spacious and beautiful and bright. I LOVE the kitchen, don't you! It's stunning! Can't wait to help you in anyway. Such a reward after all the long wait. The Lord is so good. What a wonderful year this has been with so many blessing and unexpected gifts from Him. Love you!

JP said...

The house is GORGEOUS!!! So much light! I kitchen is beautiful and a fireplace in the master how romantic! So overjoyed with God's many blessings. What a perfect gift from the perfect giver. Totally worth the wait.Have fun decorating! =D It truly is a talent you both have!