Friday, September 23, 2011

A Few Qutoes

I was cleaning out the cupboards last night and found a chocolate cake mix, so of course I had to make cupcakes so we wouldn't have to pack that pesky cake mix box...

Grant: I love chocolate cupcakes! Want to make cookies after this?
Me: Cookies? What kind of cookies do you want?
Grant: Sugar...and chocolate. And more cupcakes. We could make it into a factory!

Grant: Mom, what's seaweed?
Me: It's a plant that grows in the ocean.
Grant: Kate-Kate...seaweed is a plant. It grows in the ocean!
(He is constantly trying to teach Kate about whatever he can think of.)

"This is my police car...this guy's going in the clinker!"

"Mom, remember a long time ago in a galaxy far away...I went to the office with you and I was such a good boy?"

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