Thursday, September 29, 2011

And So We Begin Again

 So, we cancelled our offer on the house we planned to purchase.  When we did the home inspection, there was water dripping from the living room ceiling onto the carpet.  To make a long story short, the listing was notified of the problem, assured us it would be fixed, then had someone go and paint over the water stain.  We completely lost confidence in everyone we were dealing with on that end and decided it was unwise for us to continue in that purchase.  If they were willing to paint over a water stain and claim that they fixed the problem, we were very worried that there were other problems lurking and were simply painted or carpeted over.  So, our Realtor submitted the cancellation this afternoon and we made an offer on a different house!  Our offer was accepted tonight so escrow starts Friday.  We are in a 25-day escrow, so hopefully we can move out of our home without having to rent back from our new buyer for too long.  We are SO thankful that the Lord made it abundantly clear that the other house was not a wise choice and that He kept this other house on the market in the meantime.

Front of the house...I'm such a great photographer, cutting off the top
Living Room looking into Family Room
Kate testing out the Family Room


Kitchen with door leading to Laundry Room

Kids' Bathroom

Upstairs Linen Closet

Master Bedroom with Balcony

Master Bathroom

Master Closet

Master Closet

Balcony off Master Bedroom

Upstairs Hallway
Side Yard

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Crystie and Sead Demirovic said...

So glad you realized the potential problems with the other house and that your offer on this one was quickly accepted! The house is beautiful! Can't wait to see pictures once you move in! Is it close to your current place?