Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Tender Heart

Grant and I were in the car on Thursday, running one of our errands. He was looking out the window quietly then said, "God made trees. Jesus made Saturn. God made...GRANT!!" It was so sweet to see him sitting and thinking about what he was seeing. And even sweeter to know that he is listening to what we've been teaching him about God and the world around him. As we drove, he named everything he saw and noted that "God made it."

The other day I had to discipline him and he looked up at me with his teary eyes and said, "Let's pray." With his speech delays, it has seemed like he doesn't understand a lot of what we're talking about, but it is clear that he understands much more than we ever knew. I'm so thankful the Lord has given him such a tender heart.

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Mommy Roth said...

Thanks for sharing, those time are so precious and spur us on to make the most of each moment.