Friday, April 26, 2013

More from Grandma's Visit

Here are some more pictures from Grandma's visit:
 Grant requested that we do another tea party when Grandma was here. 
 Grandma and Kate were on the hammock and Grant decided to fan them with a palm frond.  Unfortunately, it kept hitting Kate in the face.  Not exactly the desired effect.
 Later, the kids sat on the edge and pretended they were on a boat.
 The kids and Grandma working on the iPad

Helping with dishes
 Grandma taught Kate to catch the ball...she was so proud of herself.  Later on, they played on the floor, rolling the ball back and forth.  Kate thought that was great!

Grandma read "The Little Engine that Could" as a bedtime story. 

Thanks for visiting us, Grandma!  We love you!

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