Saturday, April 13, 2013

"Date Night"

Last month, we took advantage of Parents' Night Out at Grant's gym.  It went really well, and Kate didn't want to leave when we came back for her.  So when there was another PNO planned, I was super excited to have another night out with Nate.  Both kids were excited to go--Grant kept asking all day how much longer it was until we could go to the gym.  Kate was waiting by the door for me to be ready to take them. When we got there, Kate started whimpering that she didn't want me to leave.  After a few minutes, she was better and ran off to play in the gym while I watched.  I snuck out the door a few minutes later.  Nate and I decided to stop by the gym on the way to dinner to see if she was okay, and we saw that she was not.  She was crying and poor Gian at the gym was holding her.  So it clearly wasn't going to work....we were going to have a 3rd wheel on our date. 

After dinner, we stopped by Staples to grab something.  Kate found this shoe-shaped pencil case and suddenly her shoes were off and she was determined to try it on.  Nate could not convince her that it was not in fact a real shoe, so he let her try it on.  Some poor soul is going to buy that pencil case some day, totally unaware that someone actually put it on their foot.

At 8:30, we went back for Grant.  He was playing happily, but as soon as he saw me he dissolved into tears saying how it was such a horrible night (if you know Grant, you can imagine his dramatics).  Apparently, some girl sat on his finger when they were playing Blast Off.  He could not be consoled and when we were back in the car he said that not only did someone sit on his finger, he also got his ears stuck.  The best we could tell, he was squeezing between two slides and his ears got stuck.  It was so pathetic and dramatic and over the top...and the night had been so far from what we had planned, Nate and I just burst into a fit of hysterical laughter.  It turned out nothing like we had envisioned, but it was fun to be in it together.

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