Monday, February 11, 2013


I'm finally posting pictures from Christmas.  When I take too many pictures, it takes a while to sort through them all.
 Christmas morning, Grant was so excited to dive into gift opening.  He crawled under the tree to try to decide what to open first.
 One of my favorite gifts every year

 Checking out Kate's new tent

 Grant was very excited about his Lego train.  He'd been asking for one for quite a while.

 At one point, Grant disappeared and I found him in the tent, playing with his new favorite toy...Rainbow Dash.
 The kids got some candy in their stockings and decided they should try to down it in one sitting.  I think Kate actually finished all of it.  Grant's lasted longer.

 3-D Sharks!

 Kate got a set of Hello Kitty Lip Smackers...she was SO EXCITED.  She put it on her lips, her chin, her cheeks...everywhere.  
 Even on her Daddy...


 Giving the birds and squirrels a little Christmas treat

 Grant played while Nate put together the Minecraft Legos

 Dressing the magnetic dolls. She did a good job of putting together matching outfits.  But that's not surprising--she's very observant about clothes and loves to look at clothes when we're out shopping.

 There were a lot of pieces to put together for the Lego train, so I got to help out.  It was lots of fun!  I was disappointed that there wasn't more that I could help with.

 Nate and the crazy kids...can you tell they were having a good time?!?
 Look--I actually did it!
 One of Kate's favorite things she got was a hair set--a blow dryer, comb, flat iron, and a pair of pretend scissors.  Nate let her work on his hair many times over the Christmas break.  He's a great sport!

A happy boy and his new train

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