Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The Zoo

I decided we needed to get out and do something fun today so I surprised Grant and Kate with a trip to the zoo.  On the way, Grant was so excited and tried to guess where we were going:
Are we going to Disneyland? Legoland? Magic Mountain?  A regular mountain?

He was very pleased that we ended up at the zoo.
 Here the kids are watching construction through the fence.  There are animals everywhere, but where do the kids crowd around?  This is one of those moments when parents question their decision to purchase tickets and wonder if we should've just gone down the street to watch the trucks.

 We got to see a hedgehog--it was SO cute.

 Here we found the prairie dogs.  But I thought my monkeys were more fun to look at, so you can't actually see any prairie dogs in the picture.

Grant got to touch the snake which he thought was pretty cool.

We decided that next time we should bring the allergy medication and try the petting area.  Grant has had some pretty bad allergies to animals in the past, but since he's doing better we might give it a shot.  It was a really fun day and PERFECT weather...I can't wait for our next adventure at the zoo!  

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