Wednesday, February 8, 2012

I Love Random Conversations

This evening, Grant was chatting with us and said "Right is this way and left is that way."  He had them correct and I was a little surprised so I asked him how he knew.  He said, "I learned it."  I assumed it was from school so asked him and he said "No, upstairs."  So I asked him who taught it to him.  He replied, "Nobody--I just thinked about it."

Earlier I was telling him what a good big brother he is and how proud I am of him.  He told me "I used to not be able to be kind to Kate Kate but now I can."  I asked him what had changed and he said "I tried and I tried and then I could.  It's a Christmas marigold!"

Sometimes when Grant's praying, he asks Jesus questions and tries to wait for Him to answer.  I told him that God doesn't talk to us so we can hear Him.  I told him that God used to speak to people sometimes, but He doesn't do that any more.  He's very curious about that.  "Why?  Did He lose His voice?"  Then he thought about Jesus being born and decided "Maybe you can teach Him how to talk since He was a baby."  I clearly was not doing a good job of explaining why God doesn't speak audibly to us.

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Perdido Fam said...

that is so funny! It made me literally laugh out loud!