Thursday, November 4, 2010


So, apparently Grant was "twirling" in his room (spinning in circles) during his "nap" and had a major injury. Not exactly sure what part of his leg is hurting, but he doesn't want to walk on it. He CAN (which he proved when I said maybe we should go to the doctor), he just prefers to limp or be carried. So we'll see how it feels later. Anyway, I set him up on the couch with pillows and a blanket till he feels better and he asked for some toys.

Me: How about the hammer?
Grant: No, it's too hammery.
Me: How about the calipers?
Grant: No, they're too pinchy.
Me: What about the drill?
Grant: No, it's too twirly.
Me: Do you want this spaceship?
Grant: No, it's too big.
Me: This ball?
Grant: No, it's too dangerous! It's a floor toy.
Me: How about this truck?
Grant: Is it broken?
Me: Nevermind, just lay there and watch a video.
Grant: Why???


Mommy Roth said...

Oh Joy. Sigh... Boys don't know what they want till they find the right girl, well even then some of them have trouble with that one. Thankfully ours didn't though. At least he gives reasons why, Jack just says "no thanks" and then says "watch a movie" and then I say NO. Then he starts again "watch a movie". Maybe he should come to your house to watch a movie!

Cherie said...

This little guy is just too cute!!