Tuesday, November 2, 2010


We had lots of fun on Halloween. Grant put on his pirate costume from last year when we went out to lunch. Later, he switched to his much beloved new bee costume and we headed to the mall for trick or treating. Since we've never gone trick or treating and Grant tends to get really scared of things, we decided we'd start at the mall. That way if he was scared in the neighborhood we could go home and he wouldn't miss out. He was really confused at the first couple of stores and tried to GIVE candy to the people handing it out. They thought it was so cute they both gave him an extra handful of candy! By the time we were done there, he was asking about going to houses. He ended up having a great time the whole night.

He LOVED his bee costume and kept wanting to look at his stinger in the mirror. After we got home, we let him eat whatever candy he wanted for a specified amount of time and he was in heaven.

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