Saturday, January 17, 2009

Which Is More Fun: The Bean Bag or the Box?

We got Grant a giant bean bag thingie today. We were going to get him a little chair, but decided the bean bag was a better idea. The cover hasn't arrived yet, but he didn't seem to miss it. It should look a lot smaller once it's stuffed into the cover...I hope.

This feels so good!

It came in a really cool, big box.

Grant got to use his special flashlight in his new hideout.

Peeking out of the box...


Jeremy said...

The giant bean bag really looks beautiful. I think this giant is better than the box. I have also one and my 6 year old son have a great fun with that. You can view more types of bean bag variety at fatboy bean bags. Thank you.

Cherie said...

He's really "all boy", isn't he?
You're such a good mommy!