Thursday, January 22, 2009

Bean Bag Chair, Part 2

The cover for Grant's bean bag chair finally arrived. I stuffed it while he was taking his afternoon nap.

Grant thought it was fun to hide behind. It really is rather large.

Even with a cold and with trying to cut new molars, he thought it was great fun.

...trying it on for size. It's stuffed so full, it's hard to actually sit on. We'll have to see if we can fix that.

Here's a video of Grant checking out the new "chair." In true boy fashion, he has to push it over. These new molars have him biting just about everything...poor little guy. I like how be blows on the tail before he bites it, just in case it's too hot.


Scott & Valerie said...

That's the best bean bag EVER! Love it! Can understand why Grant's so excited about it. :-)

Crystie & Sead said...

We love how Grant blows on the tail before biting it! That's so cute!

Jon & Paola said...

I agree! The blow on the tail and bite had me giggling.