Saturday, December 7, 2013

Gingerbread Houses

 Grant has a gingerbread competition at his school this coming Tuesday.  We went out this morning to get the rest of the candy we needed to do the decorating.  The kids got to pick out one kind of candy to eat so it was hard to get a good picture while they were eating candy.

Then we went to Rubio's for a little lunch before heading back to our decorating extravaganza.

 This summer, Grant made a plan for his gingerbread display.  He decided to make a beach scene with pretzels on the hut walls, some sort of straw looking roof, sand, water, and a shark in the water.  The house we had purchased to decorate ended up too big and difficult for him to do on his own, so we kept that one as the family house so we could do it the way we wanted.  Then after that, Grant decorated his own display.

 This was the family house.

 This was Grant's scene.

I love the little fire pit Nate included on the side of the house.

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