Thursday, November 8, 2012

Bike Riding

It's way past time to teach Grant to ride his bike.  He got a bike over a year ago, but we ended up packing and moving right after he got it.  Then other things were more important so it didn't happen.  Since we live on the corner it's not the most ideal spot to learn to ride so we went to the parking lot of the school across the street to work on it.  While we were waiting for Nate to come out of the house, Grant was showing some pine cones to Kate...but she was being really stubborn and didn't want to look.  Can you see her little arms crossed?  


Nate worked with Grant and I stayed with Kate.  She's not quite ready to ride the tricycle, so she just pushed it around the whole time.

Grant did really well.  Now we just need to find a flat area for him to practice on.  The parking lot only is available on the weekends and our streets are too hilly for a new rider.   

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