Sunday, October 28, 2012

Recent Quotes

(Context: Grant found about 5 teeny, tiny snails on the pavement.)
Grant:  Aaaaah!  I can't stop looking at them!  They're sooooo cute!

(Context: Kate wanted to see a sheet of tattoos Grant had in his hands.)
Grant: You want to hold them?
Kate:  Uh, huh.
Grant: No--they're expensive!  What are you going to do, waste them?

(Context: I'm trying to encourage Kate to use the potty instead of her diapers.  She was complaining in her car seat about her diaper hurting her leg.)
Me: Diapers don't feel good.  You need to wear panties.  Diapers are yucky.  Panties are pretty.
Kate: Panties pretty?  Diapers yucky?
Me: Yes.
Kate:  Panties better!

(Context: Grant and Kate were hanging out in my closet.)
Grant: Kate, this is called a birthmark.  It means I was borned.

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