Monday, September 10, 2012

Girly Girl

Kate brought a bottle of nail polish over to me the other day and said, "On...fingers."  So I painted her fingernails and toenails.  I couldn't believe how still she sat and how patiently she waited for them to dry.  

She was VERY excited about the result!  She is such a girly girl, loving to dress up in any clothes she can find, put on makeup, paint her nails, and try on shoes.  When we're shopping, she'll grab a dress off a rack and say, "Cute!"  It's so funny how she is so naturally drawn to all things girly, especially since I'm not a girly girl.  It's clearly not coming from watching me!

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Crystie Demirovic said...

Emma saw me painting Ella's nails about a month ago and wanted hers done too. I have glitter polish for them, so Emma calls it "sparkle toes". :-)