Friday, August 24, 2012

Grandma's Visit

 We loved having Grandma visit this summer!

 We got to go down a few times to visit with Jill and her kids.
 Building Legos with Grandma
 I got a good picture of Jared, but it was really back-lit.  :-(

 Here Grant and Timmy are pretending that they are in a sandwich...the couch cushions were the bread, the white blanket was they mayo, the red blanket was the ketchup, and the boys were the meat.

 It's so great to see Grandma!

 Some of the girls being silly together

 Kegan took such good care of Kate.  She brought out her little animals to show Kate while she rested...and drew pictures with her later.

 All of the cousins waiting for dinner

 One of the days we visited the botanical gardens
 Kegan and Grant doing some gymnastics together

 Kate and Timmy exploring together

 I love this picture of Kegan!

 The boys

 The girls (except for me)

 Kate has a bond with Auntie Jill.  She only wants Jill to hold her when she's visiting and doesn't want to be handed back to me.  :-)

 We went for a walk one day, looking for treasures.

 Jill and Jared--look how tall he is now!

Come back and visit again soon, Grandma!

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