Friday, January 6, 2012


We were all sick up until Christmas.  Most of our time was spent like this:
Fortunately it was just colds so we weren't too miserable.  It was actually really nice to just all lounge around as a family and snuggle with the kids.  But I still vote for no colds next Christmas.

Grant started feeling better first and took over picture taking for us.  Here is part of his documentation:

Me and Kate Kate (you have to look hard to see her peeking behind me).  And yes those are footy pajamas...don't knock em' till you've tried them.

Kate Kate eating lunch and wondering, "Why does HE get to touch the camera?"


There are always quite a few foot pictures when Grant is in charge of the camera.

Can you guess what we were watching?  Grant didn't like the movie and decided that "the green guy" (Buddy) was the bad guy.  He's clearly not ready to appreciate "Elf."

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