Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Doctor's Visit

Both the kids had appointments with the doctor yesterday.  Last year's picture of Grant's checkup was quite sad, so I had to be sure to update with this year's picture.  Quite an improvement!

 This one is really blurry, but I love how you can see them both smiling.  I couldn't get another one with them both smiling at the same time.

The smiles lasted all the way until the shots.  Then there was just incessant screaming.  I think they were glad to see us leave.  On the way out we ran into Grant's new preschool teacher, so that helped make his day a little brighter.

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Crystie and Sead Demirovic said...

So cute! I know I can never make the girls' next appointment after their current one. No one can hear anything. Although, Ella doesn't cry anymore when she gets shots, which is surprising because she cries several times a day when she gets ouchies at home.