Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Quotable Day

This morning at breakfast Grant told me, "When I was a baby, God said I was cute." We had been talking about how God created all things and I had asked him if he could think of something God created. When he started talking, I assumed he was going to say that God created him as a baby, but no...he managed to turn it into a way to remind me how cute he was when he was a baby. That's a common theme now that Kate has arrived. He tells me how cute she is then asks something about himself when he was a baby.
Later this evening, Nate and Grant were working on Grant's computer game together. They were updating Grant's in-game profile and there were a series of questions. I was chuckling at some of his answers.

Nate: What is your favorite food?
Grant: I like cake. I have cake when I turn 5. (When I asked him what kind of cake he wanted, he told me chocolate with coconut. Earlier today he said he wanted a cake with pinecones on it, so at least we're moving in the right direction.)

Nate: What is your favorite type of music?
Grant: Jesus Love Me, ABCs, hmmm...and Jesus Love Me (So Nate chose "Classical")

Nate: What is your favorite animal?
Grant: Lion. Lion might bite you.

Nate: What country are you from?
Grant: I like Mexago. What's Mexago?

Nate: What is your favorite type of movie?
Grant: Mighty Machines. It's a giant movie.

Nate: What is your favorite sport?
Grant: What's a sport? (So Nate named a few.) Baseball! What's baseball? Is there restaurant there? (Meaning, is restaurant listed as an option--now that's my kind of sport! Nate kept prompting him for his choice.) It starts with a "G"...gymnastics. I did that at my class...gym class. (I don't know if we ever landed on a sport.)

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