Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Snapshots of a Day #3

I forgot about my Snapshots day till I saw Crystie's! Better late than never.

8:30 Starting to hatch the dinosaur egg Gramma & Papa with a beard and Gramma Jean sent
9:30 Going for a walk with Jack
10:30 What's cuter that a boy watching for the garbage truck? TWO boys watching for the garbage truck!
11:30 Lunch, drive-through style
12:30 (Oops, busy at Target and forgot to take a picture)
1:30 Shopping at Albertson's with my little helper
2:30 Taking a little break and seeing what Rachael Ray is making for dinner tonight
3:30 Steaming shirts
4:30 Talking to Lola on the phone...I haven't mastered self-portraits
5:30 Dinner prep
6:30 Watching a few minutes of the Upside Down show with Grant while dinner cooks
7:30 Crazy car rides with Daddy

1 comment:

Crystie and Sead Demirovic said...

It's hard to remember when the 10th falls on a weekend, isn't it? :-) We love the Upside Down Show... so bummed Nickelodeon didn't contract them for more shows.