Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Snapshots of a Day #1

I was reading someone's blog recently and on the 10th of each month they take a picture each hour of the day for 10 hours. At the end, you have a little snapshot of their day. I thought it might be fun so I gave it a whirl. Of course I missed the 10th so I did it on the 11th and forgot to take pictures for a couple of the hours, but it was fun anyway! (All the pictures were taken with my phone, so they're a little fuzzy...)

10:30 Waiting for the garbage truck to come
11:30 Trying out EVERY couch and chair in Ikea
12:30 Found joy on clearance at Target...but I have plenty of joy so no need to buy more
1:30 Driving home with my buddy behind me
2:30 Laundry
3:30 Opening a package that arrived today. I love getting packages!
4:30 Folding laundry
5:30 Playing with Grant in the tent we made out of the dining room table and a blanket
8:30 Shopping with a friend during our night out

Not what most people would call an exciting day, but I loved it. It was filled with lots of time and fun with Grant, getting things marked off my to do list, and a fun evening with a great friend. What a wonderful day!


Bekah said...

LOVE IT!! I might have to do this after my 30 day blog post challenge!!

Crystie and Sead Demirovic said...

What a fun idea! I'm afraid mine would be unglamorous to say the least. It would look something like... 9:30 AM - Changing a poopy diaper... 10:30 AM - Sweating as I try to load both girls in the car, Emma crying because she needs a nap, Ella crying because her Doggie has fallen on the floor again... 11:30 AM - struggling to get through a door with a distracted 3-year-old standing in front of my enormous four wheel stroller that seems to resist going straight ahead whenever the slightest turn has been made just before... 12:30 PM - helping GJ open the garage door to check for the mail for the 15th time that day because the "child-proof" door knob cover is also frequently adult proof... well, you get the idea. LOL! :-)

Mommy Roth said...

That was great! You need to do it again next month!