Saturday, October 31, 2009


Grant and I joined some friends at the Fall Festival at a local church. Up until Halloween, Grant refused to put on his costume, going completely limp and lying on the floor when I put it on him. Tonight, I told him that we have to wear a costume to get treats and suddenly he was all for it! He has NEVER let me put a hat on his head...ever. Can you believe he kept the hat on all night? Wow, today was full of fashion surproses.

Me and Grant on our way to the festival

So, this is where all the treats go?

Grant was so tired after all the fun. He had to hitch a ride to bed.

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Lori and Mark said...

Hi Nate and Joy,

It is so fun watching Grant grow up on your blog- to hear about all your precious moments, big adventures,and the joy of weaving God into His life! Benjamin loved to dress up from everything from David in the Bible (the round BBQ lid was his shield)to Daniel Boone to an army man and everything else imaginable. When he was 4, he went through a pirate stage after seeing the mammals at Sea World perform a pirate show. We went back three times to see the show and he lived with his pirate hat and maps digging around in the yard after that! After Ben graduates in December, we will have to all get together! Grant has grown so much since we last saw you all! Lori
P.S. Can you believe Benjamin turned 23 today? He was just a little guy when we became friends and Nate became like a big brother to him.