Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Visiting Family

The day after Christmas, we went up to Colfax to visit Nate's family.
Uncle Nate and little Ella. She had to make sure Mom was at arm's reach.
Gramma looking very festive
Grant and Ella checking out Grant's new cool plane toy.

Grant got to play ball with Buddy. He would never last very long. Ella was much more of an animal lover than Grant.
...two very guilty looks
A quick family picture by the horses. We were standing too close and the horse kept nuzzling my neck before the picture. Grant ended up being allergic to either the horse or its feed and wound up with hives on his face. A little Benadryl and a bath later and he was as good as new.
Gramma Jean and Grant--he kept wanting to get on her lap, but he's super squirmy.

Ella loved the dogs and liked to go up to their gate and talk to them.
All the little ones (Grant, Ella, Buddy, Lucy, and Ruby) all LOVE Gramma Jean and seem to congregate around her. At one point, she had two dogs and two toddlers vying for her attention.
Here's Buddy relaxing for the evening. Apparently this is how he likes to relax on the couch.

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