Friday, September 12, 2008

Visit to Chicago

I'm REALLY behind in my blogging. These are some of the pictures from my trip with Grant to Chicago in late April.

Grant had such a good time with Grandma...she's so much fun!

This is the life. Kicking back, eating breakfast with your feet up.

Grant finally started to walk about a week or so before the trip. He was still using his surroundings for extra support at times.

He decided that all of Grandma's and Papa's drawer pulls should be in the "up" position. He went around the kitchen and the office and flipped them all up.

Grant got LOTS of attention.

Grandma liked to zrbrt his belly. By the end of the trip, Grant would do a raspberry whenever he saw her.

Looking out the window on the plane.


The weather was really crumby at the start of the trip, but up to the 70's by the end.

Grandma had some snake finger puppets, er, chew toys.

Grant decided that Papa was his best pal. He lit up whenever Papa was in the room and wanted to play with him, sit on his lap, be held by him, whatever as long as it was with Papa.

Since Grant was so excited about the ceiling fan, Grandma found a little rideable plane at Toys R Us that had a spinning propeller on the front. He loved it when she would push him around on it.

Playing with Play Dough

Here's Grant playing the piano. He was the first kid we'd seen that didn't want to bang on the keys. He only would press one key at a time, very carefully.

Having a good time with Papa in the shop next to Millie's. Mmmmmm, Millie's.

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